Evolution Golf Scotland can assist with your visa application. You will have to make yourself available for a biometric test during the process. A visa for the UK cannot be obtained otherwise. The following information and links should guide you in the visa application process.

Where can I get information?

UK Visas and almost all the British Embassies in the Middle East work in partnership with a commercial organisation known as VFS Global. The British Embassy in Jordan works with an organisation knowns as World Bridge. You can find out whether you need a visa and how to apply, through the following links for your respective country.

VFS also provides information via e-mail and a telephone enquiry service. All the information provided is supplied and approved by UK Visas.

Where can I get advice?

VFS, Worldbridge and its staff cannot give you advice on how to present your application, or what type of visa you should apply for. If you need help with your application, or advice about the UK's immigration rules and requirements, you should contact a British Embassy, qualified professional immigration adviser or lawyer. In the UK, the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner keeps a list of registered immigration advisers.

How do I submit my application?

VFS and Worldbridge manage their respective visa application centres in the respective countries shown above. For further details, contact your local Embassy.

Who decides whether I will get a visa?

Your visa application will be processed and decided by UK Visas staff. Neither VFS, Worldbridge or EGS nor any of its staff play any part in, nor can they influence the outcome of your visa application.